Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Back in Business

          What with the recent engagement, and the fact that I just now found out that "engagement" means that you are going to get married, and its not just another step in the "going steady" continuum, I've found myself rather occupied. Now that things are settling down, I vow to be a more frequent poster here. So mote it be.

          Throughout my day I always think about things that I want to say to specific people. Usually its something mundane that I want to tell Bunny about, or something I need to say to the cat. Occasionally, I will think about something that I find amusing that I want to share, and I end up wasting it on someone I don't even know at a gas station.

          My aspirations are to write down those types of things here, as I honestly have a better chance of being near an internet access point than a pad of paper. Also, since I spend so much time on the interweb, I figure I'll toss in links to things I encounter, which are occasionally interesting.

          I vow to not publish a bunch of mildly thought out political rants which borrow heavily from The Daily Show Most of the time, I will try and not do posts dedicated specifically to pointing out a certain link, as that often annoys me on other sites. I'll try and work a healthy dosage of good links into the content I'm already writing, so every post will be like a little Delta Sky¬© Magazine issue that you don't have to buy a plane ticket to get for free. Each post will hopefully have as much riveting commentary, as many great deals on humidors, and as little inane crap as possible.

          I guess this will be one of those "blogs" I've been hearing so much about on Prairie Home Companion. I'll be the first person on my block to write for a "b-l-o-g".