Sunday, November 21, 2004

...jellicle cats come out at night

I went to a great house warming party for Parker last night. He moved to Athens, but has been on tour for a while, so he is just getting settled into his new digs. His place is the pinnacle of style, and his friends were all interesting folks. Sometimes I forget that real people exist, and the party last night was a good reminder that they do, because it was full of them.

I met authors, musicians (not "Athens musicians", but real musicians, who know about music and literature and phrygian modes), scientists and genuine intellectuals. This town is full of "intellectuals" and I hate almost all of them. These intellectuals were different. They had facts to back up opinions, and well thought out ideas to back up those facts. Instead of thoughtlessly lambasting Bush or crying the praises of John Kerry these people wanted to talk about things such as how George McGovern helped start a downward spiral for the Democratic party.

No one ther vomited or got drunk off of their faces, they just sat, or stood, and listened to Willie Nelson work tapes and got to know each other, and enjoying the company of each other, and I sat and loved every minute of it.

If you are reading this Parker, thanks for a great evening, and I cannot wait to do it again. Also, I think somehow I left my cell phone at your house, but I cannot call you to verify that, as I have no cell phone. Bunny should be in contact shortly, if you ever answer your phone.