Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Am Dm Em C Bm

While you're home in your living room,
I'm drunk on the subway tube

i'm trying to get out of this ugly parking lot
scene that I'm wandering
I've left you alone again;
your messages unreturned, no time the pay phone

Just keeping our noses clean, while swimming in salty seas
we're jumping in dirty leaves, to hide from the grass machines
that won't leave us to ourselves I can't help but tell myself
that I cannot help any more, and you've become such a bore

but we, bite our tongues, try to swallow the world
try to fill up our mouths till our throats are closed

if, we swallow it down, we won't make a sound
when the pipes are too filled up with dirt from the ground

i'd swallow my pride, but I'm swollen inside
from the weight you have kept in for oh so long