Monday, September 20, 2004

I never know what I mean

Things fall apart sometimes. Sometimes it seems like everything will always be a little bit out of place. Sometimes however, you can remember that lucky turns of fate do exist, and sometimes they come looking for you, and they find you, and they shove you onto a path, and they hand you someone to travel down it with, and things seem alright.

Sometimes you find things between your floorboards. Eventually you light your last cigarette. Other times you reach for a telephone, but then forget who you were even calling. Occasionally your power goes out, and then comes right back on, and you feel relief when you remember that you did pay the bill, and that the storm outside must be causing the blackout. Once I woke up because someone was in my room, and then I remembered who it was, and went back to sleep. One day I want to realise in mid sentence that I don't understand what I am talking about. Another day a doctor will find something that he doesn't want to.

Sometimes you should open your mouth only when your eyes are closed.

Just because I am looking at you doesn't mean I'm listening to you. Sometimes I'm just looking at you.