Friday, July 30, 2004

On Reading History, by Richard Delicious

Reading history, I cannot help but think of the future.

Imagine a time so far from now that the ruins of the Chelsea Hotel
are just being made ready to be unearthed in an archaelogical exploration.

Think of a time when the recently discovered manuscripts of Proust or Koontz or Toshiba create the only perception of what people were like in the third millenium.

"What an odd culture they were!" exclaimed a woman, ten-thousand years from now,
noticing a headline about the recent discovery.

"The mighty and powerful King James ruled Earth for centuries, and the people built this tower for his honor." lectured a gray haired professor; who in all likelihood would not have gray hair at all.

"What would it be like to live during the silicon age?" a child asked his father,

"You should be grateful to be alive today" the father replied,

"The people of a civilized age are much better off in the end."