Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Fair, Balanced, Modest, Not Rascist

Bunny and I recently attended a screening of OutFoxed, a documentary about Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News Mega-Empire. While the documentary itself lacks in many areas, it did inspire a lot of thought about television in general, and the state of American news journalism. It is a fairly interesting movie, and has been received reviews that I think are better than it deserves. Doonesbury even recently did a strip on it.
The thing that bugs me the most about Fox is not their biased "reporting", or even the way that mindless suburban drivers of Suburbans believe every word of what O'Reilly and Company say. I just think it is really amusing that they call themselves "Fair and Balanced" because it seems to me that through the act of labelling yourself "Fair" or "Balanced" you inherently become biased and unfair. Does this not seem obvious to everyone? Its like giving your own television station the "Most Humble and Modest Station in the World" award. If you have to say it, it isn't true. Like when someone starts a sentence with: "I'm not a rascist, but..." If you have to preface a statement with a disclaimer about not being a rascist, get a clue, you are a rascit.