Monday, June 14, 2004

Interesting News Bits

The BBC covered Nancy Reagan's plea to Bush to attempt to change the administration's stance on stem cell research. A few months back Bill O'Reilly apologized for his support of Bush's pre-war claims about the weapons of mass destruction. It is interesting to see such conservative people pulling their support from Bush.

Three years ago Bush banned stem cell research. Why is it legal for the president to enforce medical and sciencentific laws? Doesn't the fact that the president can decide that some scientific research is illegal seem ridiculous? Could he say, for instance, that researching black holes is illegal?

I guess, they still have 15 days to fix up Iraq. They have only lost two members of the senior governing council in the last two days.

George Senior celebrated his 80th birthday by jumping out of a plane. He said that he wanted to do it in memorium of Reagan. That makes sense. Nothing could celebrate my life like someone risking theirs by jumping out of a plane.

In per capita distribution, the money from the terror prevention grant program is an absurd waste of money. North Dakota receives $40.42 per person, while the New York receives only $5.40. I guess the good people over at the, Menoken Indian Village State Historic Site can sleep a little easier tonight.

But isn't that just what the terrorists would be expecting... suckers.