Monday, June 14, 2004

Hooray for John Barrow

John Barrow is filming a commercial today in front of the UGA chapel at 4:30, and I am going to go be an extra. I don't particularly care a lot about John Barrow's campaign, but I like being on tv, and I'm really bored.

Barrow is running for Congress, and while he seems a good candidate, with a lot of endorsements from important democrats, he doesn't really have any opinions. For most of the issues he addresses, he simply says yes or no.
I imagine the tag line to the campaign commercial will go something like this:

Education... John Barrow is for it!

Pollution... John Barrow is against it
Terrorism... John Barrow says no!
Jobs... John Barrow says yes to new jobs, and no to losing jobs!
"John Barrow, he is either for or against most of the things you either support or don't support"

*Paid for by friends of John Barrow for Congress