Sunday, June 13, 2004

Bicycle races are coming your way, So forget all your duties oh yeah!

1965 Bridgestone!!!

I had to sell my motorcycle, a really cool 1965 Bridgestone, because I never rode it that much, and I mainly got it to go between my house and downtown Athens, but it is really no more convenient than a car, because you have to park it in a space.

In order to pocket some money, and still have convenient transportation, I bought a Ross Eurotrail from Agora. My digital camera isn't working right now, so I had to steal this pic off the internet. It is not exactly my bike, but pretty damn close.

1960's Ross Eurotrail!!!

All said and done, with new tires and some tuneup work, it cost me less than $100 and it only takes me ten minutes to get downtown from my house, about the same time it would take driving a car and finding a parking spot.
Oh, yeah, and as my roommate noticed, after I bought the bike, it is a girl's bike. But I don't give a fuck, cause that's how I roll. Apparently girl bikes slant down in between your legs, and guys bikes are straight across. This is pretty backwards seeming to me, because if I were to fall off, I would as much space in between my crotch and the metal frame as possible.